Choosing the right attorney for your business

Communication, Comprehension,and Competence…

Your attorney is simply an advocate that enables your business to grow safely with minimal risk but profit by providing expert counsel and active participation during contractual negotiations.

When selecting an attorney, identify if you can communicate with each other, does he understand your business relationships and environment, and finally does he have the experience necessary to help you grow your business.

Communication : The ability to communicate your business goals, requirements, and needs are a critical component of your relationship with your legal advocate. Ask yourself: Can I talk to him? Does he understand me? Does he really care?

Comprehension: Your legal representative needs to fully grasp your unique business situation translating into your goals, requirements, and incorporate these into contractual terms. The ultimate to ask yourself is : Can my legal representative act as my trusted business partner well?

Competence: Nothing is more valuable than direct hands-on experience to your business success. Make sure your legal advocate has the particular background your business requires. Ask your Attorney: Do you have the skills, experience and knowledge I need to grow my business?

Last thoughts: when you select your attorney you should feel at ease about your decision and this should continue throughout his representation of you . Better said, you should feel relieved that he now has some of the burden and you should feel confident that he is going to handle these for you and leave your time and emotional energies to other important matters.