In-House Legal Departments

Run you in-house legal function like a profit center.

I have managed outside legal services all over the world and have reduced the legal costs of a Billion -dollar company by 80% . This too is an art form of subtly but firmly establishing control and by being an integral part of outside representation at virtually every stage. One must comprehensively understand litigation before it is possible to manage it. It doesn't matter the country - this is always the case with outside Counsel management.

CAPEX vs. OPEX - This is critical in the success of a business but there are times when there is an interplay between these that may be very advantageous

Non-quantifiable outcomes of buyer-seller contracts

There are non-quantifiable outcomes of buyer-seller contracts that are intangible and difficult to measure or predict. They influence the trust which should underlie the partnership. The possibility of a negative outcome must be addressed in the in the reporting, monitoring and evaluation structure. The performance needs to be carefully recorded and monitored.