Scams are ever present and permeate almost every aspect of commerce but in recent times it seems to have focused upon the trading of fuel; Organized Crime has funded this well organized and projected illegal industry. Some seemingly legitimate operations that can make it hard to tell them apart from genuine investment opportunities.  They can come from un-solicited emails, friends, and trusted agents. 

A scam is not only about the money, it is about detecting these scams soon enough to avoid wasting your time.  You also risk exposing the details of your business, financial, and personal information to these criminals. Successful fraudulent transactions can reap millions in revenue for scammers.

There are many well organized crime organizations that create large complex networks of government, associations, banks, law firms, and shipping companies. Websites and communication networks are created using sophisticated and hard to trace technology. Their networks include mobile phones, Skype and VOIP contacts, fake SWIFT and BIC codes, fake email addresses, fake bank officers, fake corporate officers, fake documents, and fake websites. They craft detailed and well-made fraudulent documents including invoices, shipping documents, bank accounts, letters of credit, emails from non-existent buyers and sellers.

It would be virtually impossible to perpetuate a scam without the utilization of a bank or a generated instrument from a Bank. All bank officers use the bank's business email address, so the URL and email server names must match. Bank officers use a land-line for their phone, not a mobile phone, Skype, or VOIP number. Some scams have people working in a legitimate bank or business diverting the money to the scammers. A free email address should cause you significant concern. A newly registered website, no matter how informative and authentic should cause you concern.

Legitimate companies do not advertise or search for buyers on internet for multimillion dollar deals. If you receive an unsolicited offer from a Russian oil company, it's a scam.  Any request for an advance payment or a down payment is a scam.

International Legal Consultants has the necessary experience, intelligence background and verified legitimate network of professionals to protect your transactions. We follow these ventures meticulously with the individuals, organizations, trade brokers and even the banks throughout the entire process.  We know that a scam may not surface at the beginning but rather at any stage in the transaction, down to the loading and bill of lading and tank receipt process. Our goal in these complex transactions is to protect ALL parties at ALL times.