Commercial Real Estate Law

Commercial real estate law is oftentimes a complex and confusing endeavor because it encompasses so many different aspects. More often also it involves large amounts of money as well as risk elements to the parties so it is critical that to protect your investment for such projects as retail centers, office buildings, hotels, apartment complexes, or vacant property designated for development. Because of this it necessarily covers various and extensive legal areas which involve regulations by federal and state statutes, as well as by local common law. This may be further complicated by the significant inconsistency in the varying laws throughout the different cities and states. To be successful and risk minimum all of these factors must be considered and covered in the representation .

Common Misconception: A large part of commercial real estate law focuses on standard "pre drafted template"contracts that are that in our opinion are invariably drawn in such a manner as to heavily benefit the drafting party. It is common business practice for parties to accept these without proper and in depth review which allow all terms therein to govern. We think differently; our experience has shown us that these type agreements must be analyzed line by line and changes must be made to create a fair and equitable relationship between the parties.

International Legal Consultants are experienced at negotiating, drafting, and interpreting a commercial real estate contract, and are a valuable resource.